Who is eligible to apply?

∙ Open to singers, rappers, musicians, groups and bands of any musical genre
∙ Must be between ages 12 – 25 at the time of registration
∙ Must be a permanent resident of Canada or the United States

Does everyone who submits an application get selected?

∙ No. We remain extremely selective when it comes to who we choose to feature on our stage. This opportunity is typically limited to approximately 15 acts per city. Selections are based on three main criteria: (1) vocal ability, (2) showmanship and (3) superstar potential

Is there a fee?

∙ Yes. However, this is NOT a "pay-to-play". In other words, we don't charge artists to perform
∙ All development fees and packages typically start at $99 and include amazing perks to enhance your experience, such as rehearsals with industry coaches the day before the show, professionally edited videos and pictures of your performance to share online, exclusive invites to our pre-show red carpet event, concert tickets, and much much more. If selected, you will have the opportunity to review your options and decide what's best

When is the concert in my city scheduled to take place?

∙ As soon as we have a sufficient amount of qualified applications to choose from in any one of our select locations, a concert date and venue will be announced
∙ In the mean time, we encourage all those who are interested in joining our program to submit an application. If selected, someone from our talent department will contact you with further details

If selected, do I perform originals or cover songs?

∙ Either is acceptable, as long as the music you select is able to properly showcase your true artistry

How will I know if I got selected?

∙ While we appreciate everyone who takes the time to submit an application, we will only reach out to those who have been selected
∙ Please allow up to 10 - 14 days for a reply

Am I responsible for covering my own travel expenses?

Yes. Each performer is responsible for covering their own travel, accommodation and meal expenses in connection with any and all Talent Nation events

Are Talent Nation concerts open to the public? Where can guests purchase their tickets?

∙ Talent Nation concerts are open to a public audience, including friends, relatives and supporters of selected performers
∙ Tickets may be purchased through our private event page, shared with each performer following their selection
∙ The cost per ticket typically ranges between $15-$35 each, depending on the venue (subject to applicable taxes and fees)
∙ To create an exciting concert environment, each participant is mandated to promote their performance to the best of their ability. Minimum ticket quotas may apply.
∙ Tickets sales are not directly affiliated with the concert venues and will not be available through any box office outlets

What type of benefits might I gain from this opportunity?

∙ The music industry is shifting. Instead of relying on songs to build sustainable careers, artists are quickly turning to festival appearances, tours and merch to earn their keep. However, executing memorable performances takes an enormous amount of confidence and experience. Here at Talent Nation, we believe that the best form of learning is by doing. The more you do something, the better you become at it because, after all, experience breeds confidence. Our groundbreaking platform allows emerging artists the opportunity to get their feet wet in some of the hottest concert venues in the world. 
∙ To ensure your performance is setup to succeed, participants will be assigned to work with top-level industry coaches, there to help you improve your stage presence, mic technique and crowd engagement in time for your big moment in the spotlight. 
∙ Following the show, participants get to keep professionally edited videos and pictures of their performance to share online and/or to help secure future booking opportunities

How many days would I need to commit to Talent Nation? 

∙ Besides preparing and rehearsing on your own time, selected acts are only required to meet up with Talent Nation on two (2) separate occasions; (1) Rehearsals (which is typically scheduled on the day before the actual concert) and (2) Show Day (which typically consists of a Soundcheck that requires you to be there in the afternoon of that day). Location and times will be emailed to you, if selected

Any restrictions I should be aware of?

∙ The audition video included in your application should only contain footage of you and/or the individuals who have granted you permission to be featured in the video. We prefer video to audio links and live singing over pre-recorded renditions. 
∙ The use of obscenity, crude language, third party copyrighted material, any trademarks, brand names, or logos of a third party, violence, nudity, drug or alcohol use in connection with Talent Nation and any of its programs / activities is strictly prohibited
∙ Failure to comply with any of our terms may be grounds for immediate disqualification and dismissal, without exception or refund

Will I be required to take time off school / work for this?

∙ Hopefully not; as the majority of our events are typically scheduled on weekends

Will I be required to sign any restrictive contracts if I get selected?

∙ Nope

Who is behind Talent Nation?

∙ Talent Nation is made up of passionate music fans and industry professionals. We believe in building platforms and events that provide growth and development opportunities for the independent artist sector
∙ The company was founded back in 2012 by music executive Mike Goldfarb. His proven track record for launching music careers includes 3 major label signings - most notably Carlie Hanson, who recently signed with Warner Records following the success of her breakout single 'Only One' - reaching over 100 million streams worldwide and landing touring opportunities with Troye Sivan, Lauv & Yungblud throughout North America and Europe.
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