A series of workshops and industry panels committed to the growth and collaboration of developing artists, ages 16 - 21.

Currently being offered in Toronto.


Led by a panel of renowned coaches, our vocal workshop offers participants hands-on development and constructive feedback on overall technique and delivery. Whether you’re preparing for a live show or studio session, everyone is guaranteed to walk away with the necessary tools to reach their true vocal potential.


Participants will be divided into small groups, based on age and experience. Each group is led by an accomplished music mentor, there to help and oversee participants as they join forces to write and compose an original song from scratch.

At the conclusion of the session, each group will have the chance to showcase their collaborative efforts, as well as original songs from their own individual catalogues, for constructive feedback on melodies, lyrical content and structure.


The music landscape changes nearly every day, thanks in large part to the emergence of social media and streaming as two main sources of discovering music.

A panel of experts from all corners of the industry will go in depth on the current state of the business, offering valuable insight and tips on how to independently navigate your way to a successful career — using social media and streaming to your competitive advantage.


For any young artist starting out, the music industry can be quite complex to navigate — most especially for parents, who are typically the first ones in charge of managing their child’s career. Here we welcome all “mom-agers” and “dad-agers” to interact with our faculty on important subject matter that will offer clearer perspective on the inner workings of record labels, talent managers, copyright organizations, etc. and who / what to avoid in the process.


Starting at $299

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