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emerging artists & creators worldwide.

Showcase your skills

We host a series of non-competitive concerts that primarily focus on providing solo acts, groups, duos and bands with professional stage experience and valuable industry exposure.

Develop. Connect. Perform.

Hosted in select cities worldwide, our annual Music Summit takes place over an entire weekend, connecting an emerging generation of independent artists with top-level industry professionals and influencers to help inspire success in today’s competitive music landscape.

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Building music careers

For those who strive to make music their livelihood, we offer one-on-one career consultation and a professional team of mentors to help guide independent acts through each phase of their artistic development:

Songwriting & Recording

Team up with established songwriters and producers to create original recordings, all while developing your unique sound in the process

Music Distribution

Get your original songs registered with the appropriate copyright societies & released on major distribution channels (AppleMusic, Spotify, etc.)

Brand Marketing

Our in-house marketing and style experts will help guide you on building a brand that matches your your music & style

Content Creation

We source the very best video directors, photographers & graphic designers to help produce engaging content

Building Fans

Designing custom strategies to help each artist effectively reach and engage new / existing fans online

Live Events

We host an exclusive series of live showcase events to help your music make the best first impression

Music Promotion

Introducing your music to our vast network of top industry influencers through targeted soliciting and live events


We specialize in finding and securing new capital to help finance your next music project

Talent we support

The foundation of our agency relies on the success of the many artists we’ve helped develop over the years. Below are just a few who’s careers we are proud to support.

[Bios and music coming soon]

Grace Bakker

richard tichelman


annie m.

jen lauren

sabby sousa

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Create your profile by completing our online submission form

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Once you are in our system, you will begin receiving updates and invitations by email for opportunities that we consider most appropriate based on your rating

Open to artists worldwide, between the ages of 12 – 25

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